About Evo:

For over 20 years, The Evolution Championship Series (Better known as Evo), has produced the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament conventions in the world. Our events are rallying points where fans, publishers, developers, and brands celebrate fighting games and the communities that love them. Beyond our established live events, Evo’s evolving mission is to create, celebrate, and renew fighting game fandom. Since 2021, Evo has been owned by a joint venture between Sony Interactive Entertainment and RTS Management, Inc.

About the Role:

As Evo’s Programming Director, you will be responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and executing Evo’s content strategy and programming dedicated to fighting game competition, conversation, and culture. You will be activating Evo’s content strategy across live events, on-demand programming, and social media. You will use your passion for creative entertainment to help guide Evo’s partnerships team in strategic sales planning that creates measurable and impactful engagement for Evo’s live and pre-produced content. You will play a crucial role in the future of Evo as you work closely with sales, product and operations, social media, and global fighting game community members to expand interest in and passion for fighting game entertainment. In this position, you will have the unique opportunity to help shape and build a new transmedia brand for generations of fans that is rooted in one of competitive gaming’s oldest genres. You will report directly to the General Manager and lead a team of content producers, editors, and artists.


  • Develop and execute Evo’s content strategy, programming, and live event presentations across an annual calendar of special events and repeat programming.
  • Align all content and programming with Evo’s mission and drive an editorial vision.
  • Work closely with our sales team to develop and document saleable inventory that is pre-planned to match sales cycles.
  • Develop metrics and measurement tactics informing Evo’s content strategies and programming.
  • Ensure consistency of Evo’s brand and voice across all content and channels.
  • Provide clear direction to external vendors and partners
  • Elevate the communication of genre, player, and community narratives throughout Evo’s projects and products
  • Lead content team to ensure content delivery across all established and soon-to-be-launched Evo channels, including but not limited to Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and our website is holistic
  • Partner with publishers to develop original content ideas for Evo that excite the fighting game community
  • Develop opportunities surfacing and promoting fighting game creators through Evo content and content channels
  • Identify consultants and vendors that support the scalability of Evo content and programming
  • Help the content team build and manage a diverse roster of talent that champions Evo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Bring a relentless desire to expand your skillset and learn about emerging fanbases


  • Personal history with 1v1 competitive gaming, live events, and esports
  • 5+ years of experience managing producers, editors, and/or artists
  • 5+ years of experience executing content and content programs in some form of gaming, esports, alternative sports, or music
  • 5+ years of experience working with live broadcasts, developing run of shows, and short-form and long-form digital content
  • Experience building and launching high-profile entertainment products, including familiarity with production budgets and programming scheduling
  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to prioritize multiple projects and rolling deadlines
  • Proficiency in delivering clear feedback at all stages of content production, including concept, development, pre-production, production, and post-production
  • Strong documentation skills as your vision will be consumed by multiple stakeholders
  • Ability to cultivate strong relationships, communicate effectively, document meticulously, and give engaging presentations
  • Established ability to produce story ideas and narratives, as well as manage them from concept to execution
  • Experience with social media and YouTube-targeted programming
  • Experience with editing, design, creative workflows, and creative reviews
  • Highly competent with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms
  • An enthusiasm for multimedia and emerging technologies
  • A risk-taking mindset open to nontraditional content formats and interested in expanding fandoms
  • A sense of ownership and accountability, even when working remotely

Bonus Points:

  • Background in growing niche communities
  • A network of esports and general gaming connections
  • A clear understanding of why grapplers vs. zoners are stressful matchups
  • Japanese language proficiency


  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Flexible PTO