Job Title: Global Product Director

Location: Remote

Type: Full-Time

About Evo:

For over 20 years, The Evolution Championship Series (Evo), has produced the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament conventions in the world. Our events are rallying points where fans, publishers, developers, and brands celebrate fighting games and the communities that love them. Beyond our established live events, Evo’s evolving mission is to create, celebrate, and renew fighting game fandom. Since 2021, Evo has been owned by a joint venture between Sony Interactive Entertainment and RTS Management, Inc.

About the Role:

As Evo’s Global Product Director, you will spearhead the strategic development, expansion, and monetization of Evo’s brand globally. Leading our business through its constant evolution, your role encompasses holistic oversight of a range of critical areas including fighting game competitions, recurring event activations, sales inventory management, advertising strategies, media planning, and the development of innovative new experiences. You will play a pivotal role in shaping how Evo engages its global consumer base, monetizes its reach, and strategizes its future growth. In collaboration with the RTS Sales & Partnerships team, you will be instrumental in ensuring cross-functional alignment across Evo’s core product offerings, driving innovation, enhancing brand affinity, and building substantial value. Your role also involves seamless collaboration with all Evo verticals, as well as Sales and Partnerships within RTS. This collaboration will be central to integrating business perspectives, roadmaps, endemic knowledge, and key learnings to create and deliver best-in-class products that resonate with our audience and uphold Evo’s legacy.

Reporting Structure:

You will report to the General Manager


  • New Product Development: Lead Evo’s brand explorations and event activations in new markets, overseeing everything from initial discussions to comprehensive event analysis and outcomes. This includes strategic venue selection and assessment, contract negotiations, vendor selection, material creation, strategy contributions, applications, resources development, and market research, all aimed at ensuring successful expansion and engagement in new markets
  • Tournament Organization and Design: Oversee the development of Evo's tournament structure and formats in new markets, ensuring they are aligned with the brand’s vision and local expectations. Your responsibilities include making game selections for tournaments and exhibitions (balancing traditional favorites, new releases, and emerging titles to cater to a diverse audience), developing competition formats, and analyzing competitive trends, player feedback, and market dynamics to continuously evolve and refine Evo’s core product.
  • Activations with Sales and Operations: Collaborate closely with brand stakeholders, operations staff, and the sales team to conceive, refine, and execute authentic event activities and experiences, ensuring cohesive and impactful experiences that align with Evo’s brand values and goals
  • Ownership of Event Attractions: Ideate and produce engaging show features, activities, activations, and brand elements for Evo offline and online events designed to captivate attendees and elevate their overall event experience
  • Consumer Experiences Exploration: Develop and implement innovative events, promotions, and collaborations for Evo, aimed at exciting fighting game fans globally and contributing to the growth of the brand and consumer loyalty
  • Budget Management & Financial Oversight: Manage and oversee all financial aspects of product development, tournament organization, and event operations. This includes collaborating with the Director of Operations on budget creation and allocation, financial reporting and analysis, resource optimization, risk management, and managing revenue sources, such as ticketing, sponsorships, licensing, and merchandising.
  • Tools and Strategy Development: Design and implement effective workflows, toolkits, and strategies to support both short-term and long-term product goals, encompassing cost quoting, consumer insights, process documentation, research, and accounting. This role is crucial in streamlining operations and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of event planning and execution
  • Campaigns and Marketing Collaboration: Work in tandem with the Creative Director to create and deliver engaging, effective advertising and marketing campaigns, promoting Evo and the Global Fighting Game Community
  • Active Problem Solving: Proactively identify and resolve issues that may hinder Evo from delivering best-in-class event experiences. This responsibility includes oversight from concept to execution, reporting, archival media, analysis, and maintaining a mindset geared towards continuous evolution and improvement
  • Community Engagement and Management: Establish relationships within the Fighting Game Community, encompassing players, fans, vendors, artisans, and talent. This role involves fostering positive relationships, encouraging active participation, and gathering valuable feedback. Ensure that community insights are integrated into product development and tournament design to enhance player experience and market relevance. Additionally, engage with community initiatives, social media interactions, and public relations efforts to build a vibrant and ingrained community
  • Inspiring Creativity and Achieving Results: Lead and motivate Evo team members, contractors, and partners to push creative boundaries and achieve tangible results, cultivating a culture of innovation and excellence across the organization

Key Questions To Explore In This Role:

  • As Evo expands into new markets, what strategies and initiatives can be implemented to ensure that we are effectively serving and growing the fighting game community in these areas?
  • What innovative products and experiences can Evo introduce to further galvanize and engage its fanbase, both in existing and new markets?
  • In what ways can Evo optimize revenue generation from events, products, and promotions while maintaining the integrity of the brand and the satisfaction of our community?
  • What tools, processes, and strategies are essential for aligning all of Evo’s current and future outputs to maximize brand awareness, fan engagement, and sales opportunities?
  • How can Evo engineer and implement service utilities and advancements that significantly enhance the consumer journey, global promotions, and fan connectivity?
  • What approaches and practices can Evo adopt to ensure that the expectations of attendees, vendors, exhibitors, and our workforce are consistently exceeded?
  • How can we effectively leverage data-driven insights and recommendations to continuously refine and improve our products, services, and market opportunities?
  • Considering market trends, community needs, and brand alignment, where are the next strategic locations for Evo to establish a presence?


  • 5+ years of experience developing conventions or festival products (ideally with some experience in esports or gaming)
  • 3+ years of experience realizing consumer-facing products and activations for competitive gaming or genre fandoms
  • Practical experience working with hotels, venues, registration, design, and labor vendors internationally
  • Exceptional documentation, presentation, and communication skills
  • Proficiency in project management tools and software
  • Comfort progressing projects in silos and working with small teams
  • A sense of ownership and accountability even when working remotely
  • Passion for and knowledge of fighting games is a plus

Bonus Points:

  • Background in growing niche communities
  • A network of esports and general gaming connections
  • A clear understanding of what makes zoners challenging matchups for grapplers
  • Japanese language proficiency


  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Flexible PTO